The Moka Berserker is a 220mm frame. It is designed specifically for the highest level of drone racing competition. Its design features make it faster and more agile than most of the frames on the market, yet making no compromise for strength and durability.

  1. Place as much mass as possible close to the axes of roll and pitch rotation. 
  2. Keep AUW “all up weight” low as possible while allowing for high power output. Dry frame weight is 96 grams and 134 grams with all fasteners  
  3. Different mounting options for the arms, allowing for the center of thrust to be placed at the center of gravity


 Specification and Features:

  • Dry frame weight is 96 grams ( without hardware)
  • Assembled weight possible of 426 grams W/O HD camera or lipo.
  • Ideal center of gravity location.
  • Rigid bracket system  for arms configuration.
  • Symmetric weight distribution front-rear and side-side.
  • Super low top fuselage deck keeps mass as low as possible
  • Durable robust design that is highly resilient to crashes.
  • 220mm frame size optimized for 2204 to 2208 motors paired with 5″ props
  • Different arm options: 250mm (6″ props), 220mm (5″ props)
  • High quality twill weave 3K matt carbon fiber construction.
  • High quality anodized aluminum frame brackets and standoffs.
  • Arms are 4mm thickness.


Frame: 220mm 250mm
Props: 4” 6” (152mm) and (2) blades
Weight: 300g None
Motors: 2204 2208
Motor Kv: 1900kv 2650Kv
Battery Cells: 3S 4S
Battery Size: 1300mah 1800mah
Video Transmitter: 25mW 250mW

This is our newer Berserker race frame designed from the ground up to win. It features lightweight design and low surface area to maximise your forward kinetic energy.

Key features are:

Symmetrical motor locations at 220mm (250mm) diagonal spacing.
Low weight at ~96 grams. without hardware
Ultra low surface area for reduced wind resistance at high speed
Thick CF Arms 4mm and 1.5mm for bottom plate and 2mm for top plate
16mm wide arms
Extensive protection for camera
Lower deck 20mm profile for strength
Innovative structural system and component layout.
M3x20mm aluminium fasteners to reduce weight.
Supports 2208  motors and 6in bullnoze props
Up to 45 degrees camera tilt

Further information will come on RCgroupe soon

The package includes:
CF Top Plate : 2mm
CF Bottom Plate : 1.5mm
CF Camera Support Plate: 2mm .
CF arms 4mm thickness with motors patterns M2x12mm , M3x16mm and M3x19mm.

4 x Anodized arms support system (Only for Moka Berserker)

1x camera mount for fatshark 600 or 700TVL

Option Items:
Moka power board support 120A and can use two Pololu 5v or 12v ubec

3D printed mount for Gopro

Optional Extras

The frame does not include motor mount screws or washers. We recommend alu hex cap screws and alu washers to mount your motors.

.Recommended Components

All electronics, wiring, motors and props are not included and can be purchased separately. Please note that this quad is specifically designed to take a 25mm mini cam with casing or Fatshark camera 600 and 700TVL

Some suggested components with details of these items available on the specific product pages:

Cobra 2204 KV2300  *   (Most popular, for good reason, oustanding motor and a good price)

Cobra 2206 KV2100  (Racing power house)

DYS 1806 KV2300  (Best value motor on the market. Recommended for new flyers.)
ZTW Blue 12A  (cheap, reliable, proven history, comes with BEC)
ZTW Spider 12 Opto (cheap, reliable, small, proven history)
ZTW Mini 18A Opto  * (tiny, oustanding performance and price. Better than SN20)
Little Bee 20A * (new kid on the block, very high performance but less track record for reliability as yet)
DYS SN20 (Very popular, good performer, some reliability issues for extended power session on 4S)
DYS SN30 (Very popular, good performer, handles 6S well)
Naze 32 Acro  *  (Is there another?  The rest are clones)
D4R Receiver  *  (Great for Frsky users)
RunCam sky plus, Fatshark 600TVL, HS1177 Camera
VTX Pitail *   (SMA or RPSMA)
Battery Strap  * (Great non slip coating)
14AWG Wire  *  (Pigtail for battery)
18AWG Wire  * (ESC power cables)
XT60 Plugs  *  (For battery connection)
* Suggested build for most flyers on 3S and 4S.  For people new to the hobby we recommend the Mokafoldable

We suggest WAVE-FPV antennas and VTX 200mw is our preference though.

Berserker R 230mm Price  76,96  68,89USD

Berserker 220mm Price 96,96USD 

Berserker 250mm Price 99,96USD


Shipping to Canada and USA  with tracking number

Shipping to Europe without  tracking number 

3D Files:  Bumper and Gopro Mount