Moka Gryff is result of our research, made from a mix of anodized aluminium blocs and Black 3K carbon to increases the stiffness.

The combination of aluminum and carbon fiber not only makes this frame super fancy but also really strong! The frame has 5mm arms and 3mm plates.

We choose this design to reduce the propeller wash effect and make it easy to tune . The airflow leaving the propellers are clean and increase agilty and effinciency of the frame. That not considered in current multirotor designs in the market.

This frame design was in development for one year ago, requiring significant testing and 4 designs iterations to ensure appropriate strength and durability for what we believe is an mix for freestyle and racing machine.

Moka Gryff is mix of freestyle drone and a racing drone that features vertical narrow Arms which gives 30% more thrust against flat Arms, The geometry help to increases the air flow and motors efficiency.

The frame is pure X configuration with short arms to increase stiffness and reliability , and superior aerodynamics with narrow pod that can hold 19x19mm camera and the HD camera in the same time.






  • We ship only to Canada, USA, Europ and Australia

  • 5in and 6in available 

Price 79USD  59USD

Moka Gryff