Moka Simplex 155

Strength, speed, and value. That is what the Moka Simplex offers in a greater combination than any other racer on the market. With a 3mm symmetrical tow half body , you can spend more time racing and less time fixing. Have the confidence to push that left stick forward, because you know that the frame won’t break, MOKA SIMPLEX use the best carbon in the market. (high density carbon)

This frame is a game changer not only in its form, but in its easy design and value. we know is not X frame but is the first Z frame in the world. rear motors are placed on top plate to receive clean airflow and maximize handling of your quad, not like other frame need to be longer to solve this problem.

center of gravity of Moka Simplex stay in the middle even if you change battery position ( top or bottom)

because we want to protect all your electronics and keep center of gravity very low even if you add a HD camera or placing battery at top or bottom and you can expect builds to come in at about 150 to 200 grams. This ultimately depends on how clean your build is and the components you select.

Go fast, crash, and go fast again. This frame was built by racers for racers, so enjoy!

  • Frame 155mm (diagonal motor to motor)
  • Light weight 45g
  • Material:  T700 are 3K plain glossy carbon fiber and  are stiffer than any regular  carbon.
  • two symmetrical half body 3mm thickness
  • support only 3  inch prop
  • all full size camera fit in the frame and well protected.
  • Vtx support offer great flexibilty to avoid breaking antennas
  • Recommended Setup
  • 1300 To 1707 size motors with M2 12x16mm mounting pattern
  • 3” props
  • 3-4S power, 600-1000mAh capacity batteries
  • Tested Cameras: RunCam Owl plus and Swift Cam, ( bracket camera included with frame)
  • Naze32 or similar that use pattern  30.5×30.5mm
  • Piko BLX or similar that use pattern 20x20mm
  • ESCs 10A To 20A

Moka Simplex is compatible with most popular FPV racing equipment on the market
Moka Simplex airframe is designed by professional FPV racers according to their own preference,

it supports the most common equipment on the market such as 30.5mm and 20mm flight controller,

swift camera and HS1177, 25mm VTX, 16mm x 27mm ESC, 12mm x 16mm  M2 holes for motors, dedicated VTX  mounts…

you’ll appreciate the frame design when you get your hands on it.

Moka Simplex 155