Moka Delux is made from a mix of Red and Black 3K carbon, the reflective carbon increases visibility and doesn’t affect stiffness.

You can tilt the motors for a Fast Forward Level Flight and also adjust the size from 250mm to 290mm to race in all mini quad classes.

Moka is a racing miniquad that features Tube Arms which gives 30% more thrust agaisnt titlted flat Arms, The tube geometry increases the air flow and motor efficiency.

Motors can be tilted forward for better performance in a fast forward level flight. It has the superior yaw authority of an A or V Tail, the efficiency of an X Quad in forward flights, and superior aerodynamics with its level flight attitude. It’s the racer that can fly like a quad but wants to fly like a plane.

The Moka features a 3k twill carbon throughout, with 16mm tube arms, 2.5mm motor mount, and 1.6mm body plates.

The frame kit comes with:

  • Standoffs
  • Hardware
  • Camera mount damper.

you can also add a crash kit  to your kit.

All specifications are the same as Moka foldable 

Price 130USD  115USD

Moka Deluxe

Side Panel file for 3D printer


Now we ship Moka Deluxe V2 

Small modification to handle big battery for long time FPV training.

All parts still working with Moka deluxe V1 and Moka foldable.

we added to the new version small  bridge to increase stiffness of frame and stop camera to come out during crash, all new frames comes with this mod include both version Moka Deluxe and Moka foldable 

Build Tutorial