Mokaframe spent a Iot of time to design most versatile frame for racing, this new frame is lighter and stronger than ever, well thought layout makes it easy to repair even in the field. with over sized motors and propellers give you extremely sharp handling , it is build to win and race in all classes from 250 to 290 and offer a lot possibility.

  • Weight: 142g
  • Wheelbase: 250mm (diagonal motor to motor) and can adjust to 290mm to fit big prop
  • Material: 3K weave carbon fiber
  • arm 16mm tube compatible with all motor mount in the market (TAROT)
  • damping mount for mobius camera
  • Motors can tilt for fast forward
  • Motors can slide to change dimension from 250mm to 290mm
  • support 5,  6 and 7 inch prop
  • camera protected in frame
  • arms are foldable to absorb the impact in the event of a crash
  • using tube is good for airflow and increase efficiency of motors
  • tube arm 4 time strong than basic arm
Recommended Setup
  • 2204-2208 size motors with M3 16x19mm mounting pattern
  • 5-6” props
  • 3-4S power, 1300-1600mAh capacity batteries
  • Mini CCD camera with tilt bracket and 600TVL
  • Naze32 or cc3d
  • slim ESCs fit perfect in tube 16mm ( DYS Blheli 20A)



  • Moka frame can adjust from 250mm to 290mm
  • can handle propellers 5, 6 and 7 inch
  • Motor mount slide on tube for precision adjustment
  • Motor mount can tilt for fast forward
  • instead tilting camera
  • `Camera well protected by frame
  • Mokaframe can handle camera 35mmx35mm
  • Mini CCD camera with tilt bracket
  • Slim ESC fit perfectly in 16mm ∅ tube
  • You can use :
  • Turnigy Multistar 20A V2 Slim BLHeli ESC 2-6S

  • Afro Slim 20Amp Multi-rotor Motor Speed Controller

  • Mokaframe can handle battery 1300-1600mAh on top
  • 2200mah can fit on bottom with Velcro
  • 6min flight time tested with 1300mAh

          French RC video

  • Motors Cobra 1960kv
  • Propellers 6045
  • Esc 12A Rotorgeek
  • Gopro
  • video transmitter  600mW



Frame offer 3 setup

Setup1 : tilt motors for fast forward
Setup2 : Change center of gravity to fit heavy battery
Setup3 : increase dept of view for large camera angle
when you change setup the center of gravity change too
Balance the weight before each flight, remember to check nose and tail loading, move the battery back and forth to the sweet spot to get best balance. use smaller battery to get more nimble movement.
  • Carbon fiber frame 100% real carbon 3K
  • Hardware kit


The arm of Mokaframe are well designed and are more resistant to crash.

We made software analysis and real crash test before selling our frame.


115,00 USD 99,96USD

Moka foldable

3D file of side panel


Foldable  rigid system

the Moka foldable is a very stable small outdoor drone, focused for handling and speed, it flies just the way you want, easy to maneuver at speed, this will be the drone you’ve never experience before !