Mokaframe spent a Iot of time to design most versatile frame for FreeStyle , this new frame is lighter and stronger than ever, well thought foldable layout for 20×20 and 30×30 flight controller, you can bring it where you want, this pocket size frame is ideal for traveling,  with over sized motors and propellers give you extremely sharp handling due to the well balanced centre of gravity ,

  • Weight: 135g without 3D print
  • Wheelbase: 300mm (diagonal motor to motor), make this pocket size frame very stable in the air
  • Material: T700    3K Plain carbon fiber ( one year warranty)
  • arms 5mm thickness
  • 3D print camera mount (damping mount)
  • Motors size 22xx (1900 to 2400kv)
  • support 5in ,  6in  and 7in prop ( 2 Blades)
  • camera protected in frame
  • arms are foldable to absorb the impact in the event of a crash
  • using T700 carbon is 3 time strong than basic carbon
  • perfect centre of gravity for easy handling
Recommended Setup
  • 22xx ( 1900 to 2400kv) size motors with M3 16x16mm mounting pattern
  • 5 to 7” props ( 2blades)
  • 4S power, 1300 to 1800mAh capacity batteries
  • Mini  camera  19×19
  • 20×20 or 30×30 flight controller and ESC
  • this setup is tested and we got 8 min flight time with 1400mah battery


Please respect sense of rotation is highly recommended for foldable frame 

Moka Gravity