Moka Jadina is a princess but also an excellent magician who uses the powers of her vertical arms to help the legendary pilots in their FPV races. She has some difficulty to control properly her powers. she needs the best pilots 🙂 🙂 🙂 

After our Moka Simplex we wanted something more efficience, we started digging our brain, Moka Jadina is result of our research, made from a mix of anodized aluminium and Black 3K carbon to increases the stiffness.

The combination of aluminum and carbon fiber not only makes this frame super fancy but also really strong! The frame has 4mm or 5mm arms and 1.5mm plates.

We choose this design to reduce the propeller wash effect and make it easy to tune . The airflow leaving the propellers are clean and increase agilty and effinciency of the frame. That not considered in current multirotor designs in the market.

This frame design was in development for 6 months ago, requiring significant testing and 4 designs iterations to ensure appropriate strength and durability for what we believe is an mix for freestyle and racing machine.

Moka Jadina is mix of freestyle drone and a racing drone that features vertical Arms which gives 30% more thrust agaisnt titlted flat Arms, The geometry help to increases the air flow and motors efficiency.

Motors can be tilted forward for better performance in a fast forward level flight. It has the superior yaw authority like V Tail, the efficiency of an X Quad in forward flights, and superior aerodynamics with its level flight attitude. It’s the racer that can fly like a quad and piloted  like a plane.


  • Frame 220mm (diagonal motor to motor).
  • Weight is 120g with all hardware.
  • two plates 1.5mm for body and  arms 5mm thickness
  • support  5  inch and 5.1 inch prop
  • support all standard cameras (Run Cam, Foxeer,  protected in frame and adjustable)


  • Use only Motors 2204 to 2207, other size doesn’t fit on motor mount and can generate vibrations.
  • Use only flight control with soft mount ( we highly recommended Raceflight Revolt for best result) or Use flight control with Gyroscope  MPU 6000 + soft mount


Tested Motors and flight control :

setup 1 :

  • Emax F4 Magnum V2 All In One FPV Stack Tower + soft mount
  • Motors ZMX FINX23


  • Raceflight revolt RF 419
  • Motors Brotherhobby 2207 2450KV


  • Bluejay F4 + soft mount
  • Motors T-Motors F40 II 2400KV

Build Video


Jadina FPV Racing drone


  • Warranty  one year on all Carbon parts ( alluminium parts not included) 

  • We ship only to Canada, USA, Europ and Australia 

Price 125USD 

Moka Jadina 210