Moka Lite

The Moka Lite is a frame purpose-made just for racing. Able to be configured for both 20x20 and 30x30 stacks this durable frame is perfect for thrashing on the race track.

NOTE: frame come with TPU part for cam pod only,


  • Full 3K premium quality and rigid carbon fiber
  • 5mm Arm T700 carbon
  • Durable 5mm arms with quick switch capability
  • 3mm Single bottom plate
  • 3mm thickness light roof plate + PDB top plate for free
  • 3mm thickness holder plate with 2 pressed nut
  • High precise 3D print camera mount
  • 28mm large inside height, but you can change standoff to get more romes 
  • 20x20mm and 30x30mm FC mounting hole(enough for 3 board FC stacks)
  • the best deal of  Racing Performance


  • Item: Moka Lite 224 frame
  • Type: 5 " Racing Hybrid frame
  • Wheelbase: 224mm
  • Weight: 77g
  • Plate material: full 3K T700 carbon fiber
  • Body: separate body
  • Arm thickness: 5mm (8mm wide)
  • Bottom plate thickness: 3mm
  • Roof/holder plate thickness: 3mm
  • Standoff: 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Screws: 10.9/YFS 12.9 Steel screw
  • Camera TPU color: Red

3D Parts

  • you can download  3D parts from Thingiverse 
  • If you need specific parts we can design it for you for free
  • If you need frame with all parts ( full option) please contact us on Instagram 



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