Moka Simplex HD

 the Moka Simplex HD,  can be used for freeStyle, long range or Racin is multipurpose frame and can support 5  to 6 inch propeller.  “True X”Structure. This design is not difficult to build compared to the first version of Moka Simplex, 

Strength, speed, and value. That is what the Moka Simplex offers in a greater combination than any other frame in the market. With a 4mm symmetrical tow half body , you can spend more time flying and less time fixing. Have the confidence to push that left stick forward, because you know that the frame won’t break easily , MOKA SIMPLEX use the best carbon in the market. (high density carbon)

This frame is a game changer not only in its form, but in its easy design and value. we know is not X frame but is the first Z frame in the world. rear motors are placed on top plate to receive clean airflow and maximize handling of your quad, this helps to reduce turbulence, increase the efficiency of wind suction impeller not like other frame need to be longer to solve this problem.

center of gravity of Moka Simplex stay in the middle even if you change battery position ( top or bottom)
because we want to protect all your electronics and keep center of gravity very low even if you add a Gopro camera or placing battery.

NOTE: frame come with TPU part for cam pod only,



  • Full 3K premium quality and rigid carbon fiber
  • 4mm  plates and Arms T300 NEW RED CARBON
  • Durable  aluminium rear bracket with free M3 holes for accessories 
  • 4mm top plate with two M3 press nuts for gopro mount
  • removable top plate for easy access.
  • High precise 3D print camera mount designed for more air flow
  • 24mm large inside height ( one AIO + Cddax Vista)
  • 20x20mm 25x25mm and 30x30mm FC mounting hole(enough for 3 board FC stacks)


  • Item: Moka Lite 224 frame
  • Type: 5 " and 5.5  Racing Hybrid frame
  • Wheelbase: 224mm
  • Weight: 92g
  • Plate material: full 3K T300 carbon fiber
  • Body: separate body
  • Arm thickness: 4mm (12mm wide)
  • Bottom plate thickness: 4mm
  • Roof/holder plate thickness: 4mm
  • Standoff: 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Screws: 10.9/YFS 12.9 Steel screw
  • Camera TPU color: Red

3D Parts

  • you can download  3D parts from Thingiverse 
  • If you need specific parts we can design it for you for free
  • If you need frame with all parts ( full option) please contact us on Instagram 





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Simplex HD

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