The Moka Berserker  is designed specifically for freestyle. Its design features make it faster and more agile than most of the frames on the market, yet making no compromise for strength and durability.

  1. Place mass as much as possible close to the axes of roll and pitch rotation. 
  2. Keep AUW “all up weight” low as possible while allowing for high power output. 


 Specification and Features:

  • 5in frame weight is 125 grams ( without TPU Parts)
  • Ideal center of gravity location.
  • Rigid Aluminium  bracket system  for arms fixations.
  • Symmetric weight distribution front-rear and side-side.
  • Super low top fuselage deck keeps mass as low as possible
  • Durable robust design that is highly resilient to crashes.
  • Frame size optimized for 2204 to 24xx motors paired with 5″  props
  • High quality 3K gloss carbon ( T700  strength carbon in the market )
  • High quality anodized aluminum (7075) frame brackets and standoffs.
  • Arms are 4mm thickness.


Key features are:

Thick CF Arms 4mm and 2mm for bottom and  top plate
16mm wide arms
4mm camera pod protection
Lower deck 24mm profile for strength and can be modified to receive DJI system.
Innovative structural system and component layout.
M3x20mm aluminium fasteners to reduce weight.
Up to 45 degrees FPV camera tilt

Angle of both FPV and HD camera  can be adjusted




3D parts Available here 

Regular price 79USD    59USD