A clean sweep!
Overall winner. A Huge thanks to Moka Frame, as well as Miniquadsquad, Down Town FPV, and FPV Freak for all the support. Congrats also to my teamate Ryan taking two second places!

“Team Moka” taking 1st and 2nd places – big thanks to Moka Frame for the winning frames also MQS, DTFPV and FPV Freak for helping us get there. Gabriel is a machine !

Mokaframe at F3expo

F3Expo is the world’s first drone technology and lifestyle event for all ages and skill levels.

Congratulations to Gabriel Kocher aka Gab707 for getting second place with a Moka X at the f3expo individual fpv racing, challenging some of the best FPV pilots in the wold!

Mokaframe at FPV Fall Classic Drone Race

Congratulations to our Team Moka pilots Gab707 (Gabriel Kocher) and NailedUp (Ryan Walker) powered by  dtfpv using the MokaFrame for their respective wins at the fall classic fpv race presented by ReadyMadeRC!
Beginner class winner NailedUp
4s 5” props winner Gab707
Open class winner Gab707

Overall winner Gab707

Check out the recorded live stream video from the FPV Fall classic!
Here are the finals you want to look out for:
3:30 3s class. Simplex on screen 2, crashed out, lost signal

3:41 4″ class

3:48 Beginner class, check out Ryan Walker with a Moka on Num. 6

3:59:10 4s 5″ props class, Moka on num. 2,

4:07:40 Open class, Moka on num. 2 again

4:11 The fireworks!